Ashley is a freelance writer and communication specialist, focusing on content development and digital marketing. In 2018 Ashley turned her 'home hustle' into a full time consulting business, allowing her to work from home while serving her clients effectively. Ashley excels at writing quality copy, website management, social media strategy, and facilitating client relations. She has a proven talent for developing content to engage and educate, build brand awareness, and drive sales. Email Ashley up if you need help with articles/reporting, content development, communications strategy, branding/marketing, social media strategy, and copy of any kind.


Initially Ashley completed a 2 year college general arts degree in esthetics, after a few years working full-time in the beauty industry she decided to try her hand at university. In 2013 she obtained her arts degree from Wilfrid University with a double  major in Communication and Environmental Studies. Continuing her passion for learning, she completed a post-graduate diploma in Environmental Management in 2014 from Niagara College. After graduation, Ashley found a career path that combined her passion for the environment and her talent for writing. Ashley worked for two environmental non-profit organizations for 5 years, demonstrating her skills in content creation, brand management, media relations, and stakeholder engagement.

Ashley's Beats:

Beauty Industy - Ashley was an esthetician for nearly a decade. She used her skills in the trade to build a foundation of knowledge in the health/beauty industry. She uses this experience and her chronic illness journey to bring an honest and informative narrative to beauty, wellness, lifestyle and health publications.

Cannabis Industry - Ashley has been serving the #cannabisindustry since 2018, working as both a journalist and media consultant. Ashley values relentless authenticity, facts, and stigma-smashing in her cannabis content development. She has worked with respected brands and news outlets such as Leafly , The GrowthOp, The HerB Life, National Post, Strainprint, and Licensed Producers.

Environmental Industry - Ashley has extensive education in environmental issues and sustainable practices for industry and individuals alike. In her years as a coordinator for environmental organizations, she used outreach, education, event management, and community engagement to raise awareness on sustainable practices.