Ashley Keenan is a disabled journalist and self-proclaimed professional pothead who WFH before it was cool. She is a medical cannabis patient, the Canada editor of Leafly, and continues to write freelance pieces specializing in cannabis.

Ashley didn't find her entrepreneurial spirit until her 30s. After a handful of years doing marketing for non-profit organizations, she founded Ask CannaQueen, a blog and social media venture, to connect with cannabis industry professionals and the medical cannabis community. After four years of freelancing and consulting for a variety of publications, she took on an editorial staff gig for Leafly.

Ashley takes pride in her reporting, using storytelling to educate and empower readers to make their own informed decisions about cannabis. Drawing from science-based research, personal anecdotes, and industry connections, she is able to weave the narrative of Canadian cannabis in a way that appeals to industry folks and newbies alike.

Ashley also uses her own lived experience with chronic illness and medical cannabis to dispel the stigmas surrounding disability and plant medicine. Ashley has built her career around education and advocacy and will continue to serve readers and patients through her work.

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