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The Stoner Babes Colouring Book – Buy or Bye?

I have been itching for the right product to launch my reviews page! The Stoner Babes Colouring Book by Katie Guinn was worth the wait. I can’t remember the last time I bought anything before its release date, let alone a colouring book.

From the moment I saw the cover art I knew that had to purchase it. You see colouring is particularly effective when I am having ruminating thoughts, a symptom of anxiety. Colouring books can be a great tool for mental health, with many intricacies that can focus a frantic mind like none other.

The recent adult colouring boom has turned a childhood pastime into a method of creative expression. There are few things better on a weeknight than a vape pen in one hand and a marker in the other. Enter Stoner Babes Colouring Booking – a combination of psychedelic imagery and snippets from badass women in the cannabis industry.


  • The artwork in this book is incredible – There are a variety of designs, ranging in complexity and style. No matter what kind of mood I am in I can find inspiration in an image. Plus it’s psychedelic imagery have me smiling ear to ear!
  • The book also tells a story – On the back of each image there is a description of it’s subject. It was lovely reading the advice, journey’s and what cannabis means to them on these boss ladies.
  • It’s INCLUSIVE – This colouring book took intention to make sure that all women were represented, there were women of colour, LGBTQ+, as well as featuring multiple body sizes and age groups. I found myself in a beautiful goddess and had never felt so represented. I imagine I’m not the only one, and I appreciate it!


  • The paper is thin – I was initially excited that there were no images on the back of each stoner babe because, as a lover of markers, I bleed through whatever image I’m colouring. Unfortunately due to the thinness of the paper markers will bleed through all the way to the next image. That said, a simple piece of scrap paper behind your image will catch any seepage.
  • It is a little pricey – Coming in around $19.35 on Amazon, normally $22.50, it’s a lot compared to the plethora of colouring book options available for half the price. This is definitely a niche colouring book, and if you are a cannasseur or a woman in weed the price may not be a barrier to you.

Buy or Bye?

Stoner Babes Colouring Book is a definite BUY from me! I absolutely love this colouring book and personally think it is worth every penny. I find its patterns amazing for my anxiety attacks and I love learning about the incredible women featured in this book. I have to say my favourite thing is the art itself, I have rarely found a book that I want to utilize every single image. I take joy in unwinding with my favourite strain and colouring the stress away. Buy it, buy it now 😉

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